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***Tri-City Sports Booster 2018 Appreciation Dinner***

When:  June 7th at 6pm

Where: Abe's Hideout in Mechanicsburg

Who: 2018 Coaches and Scholarship winners

Please RSVP to Danielle Marinelli 638-5050, Brenda Porschart 741-6494


Congratulations to the 2018

TC Pride Scholarship Winners!

Aubrey Hunt and Kendra Ostermeier



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Mission Statement

The Tri-City Pride Athletic Booster Club is a volunteer, not for profit, organization. The purpose of this organization shall be to support the Tri-City school athletic programs and players financially, as well as helping to increase school spirit and community involvement.

Our goal is to support and "boost requests of all athletic teams, which fall beyond the responsibility and scope of the Tri-City Athletic Department". The organization provides support through requests from Tri-City coaches.

Funds are secured by organizing fund-raisers and managing the outdoor concession stand for all outdoor events.


Athletic Boosters Scholarship Requirements

Each year the Tri-City Pride Athletic Booster Club awards a $500.00 scholarship to two senior athletes.
To be eligible, the student must have played a sport each of their four years of high school and have a current gpa of 2.5 or higher. The student must submit the application along with 2 letters of recommendation and a short essay regarding playing sports in high school.