Who determines how the funds are spent?
Spending decisions are made by the Foundation after consultation with district administrators. Advice and opinions are solicited from parents and other members of the community.


Is my contribution tax deductible?
YES! Your contribution to the Foundation may be treated as a charitable deduction for federal income, gift, and estate tax purposes.


May I designate how my contribution is to be spent?
YES! The Foundation accepts both directed (at the time of the contribution) and undirected contributions, as well as endowment funds and donations for specific purposes. However, because of its tax-free status, it must reserve the right to accept or reject any donations that might jeopardize this status.


How do I contribute?
Simply fill out the form on this website and send your contributions to Tri-City Education Foundation, PO Box 290, Buffalo, IL 62515.


How do I obtain additional information?
Call any member of the Foundation Board of Directors.