"Education: Now and For the Future" is the mission statement of the rural Tri-City Schools which proudly became the first unified school district in Illinois formed in 1938. Tri-City Schools, conveniently located off I-72 and 10-12 minutes from Springfield, serve a beautiful 97 square mile area with a low tax rate. Primary towns include Buffalo, Dawson, and Mechanicsburg. The school and campus are located at Buffalo and house grades Pre-K - 12 in one large facility, making it convenient for parents and schools to communicate, coordinate, and educate young people together. Pre-K - 12 student enrollment is stable at 700 allowing small classes with individual recognition and attention to foster self-esteem and enhance learning. A state-approved technology plan and use of computers are in place to provide preparation in the use of technology. A range of curriculums is offered at the middle school and high school levels. Several extracurricular activities are available for students as well. A highly professional staff commits daily to the mission statement and the empowerment of young people toward a successful future.


Illinois Interactive Report Card - This website gives tests scores and shows how Tri-City ranks compared to other school in the area.